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001 Facebook Friend World Information Get Facebook Friend Pls!!
004 Radio Salzburg Austria Live Video State radio station
006 Qmusic Belgium Live Video Qmusic stuio cam Belgium
009 Radio Galaxy Germany Live Video Local pop music station. Aschaffenburg
010 Radio Primavera Germany Live Video Local radio station Aschaffenburg
012 Schwerin Germany Live Video Goverment north German radio station
014 Qmusic Netherlands Live Video Qmusic studio Holland
016 Hilversum Netherlands Live Video Radio 2
017 Radio Continu Netherlands Live Video Netherlands pop music
018 Ground FM Gorinchem Netherlands Live Video Music radio station
021 Delfzijl Netherlands Live Video Local radio station
022 Sneek Netherlands Live Video Studio cam radio NL
024 3FM Netherlands MediaPlayer 3Fm Nr One Music Station Holand
029 Moscow Russia Live Video News radio station
033 Zürich Switzerland Live Video State radio with different cams
Live stream by the MediaPlayer! Best cam to watch on Fast stream with sound
Live Video:
High quality live webcam stream
With Sound:
Live video with live sound
Live stream by Realplayer with or without sound. U need the to watch it
Photo Cam:
Updated a view times each hour, It shows a picture

Status: 18-04-2019 All Dead Links Removed